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FLNG Asia Pacific Summit BrochureFLNG Asia Pacific Summit Brochure
Join us over two days at the FLNG Asia Pacific Summit, to engage in these high-level discussions, and find out everything you need to know in order to embark on your next FLNG project and ensure successful project delivery. This is a must-attend congress for all the key decision makers in the FLNG value chain.

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  • FLNG - The greatest story yet to be toldFLNG - The greatest story yet to be told
    Floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) is the premier and evolving water-based system employing technologies to enable the development of offshore natural gas resources. Whilst the first FLNG unit is still to begin production, it has been hailed as the solution to monetising the stranded gas conundrum.In this infographic, we take a look at the stats and facts that underline the industry's greatest hope.
  • Why Small to Midscale FLNG is the future?Why Small to Midscale FLNG is the future?
    Between 2014 and 2030, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has projected that global energy consumption will increase by 44 per cent. By 2035, promoted by demand in the growing Asian market, natural gas will move into second place in the global energy mix, behind oil and superseding coal.

    Lack of transmission networks and the fact that four out of every five infrastructure megaprojects fail in their objectives due to long development times, high cost and substantial budget overruns, floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) units are increasingly becoming seen as the solution to the future of natural gas supply.

    Download the full report and find out why FLNG is the future natural gas supply and 3 checklist to get it right – funding, regulations and technology.

  • FLNG Sponsorship ProspectusFLNG Sponsorship Prospectus
    The FLNG Asia Pacific Summit will provide you with unparalleled access to critical decision makers and key influencers who will be actively engaged in our roundtable discussions and searching for potential partners and solutions for their projects.

    In an emerging FLNG market, where benchmarks and technological preferences are still being debated, the Summit will present you with an ideal platform to display thought leadership, and position your solution as the definitive solution for FLNG projects.

    Download the Sponsorship Prospectus and find out the various sponsorship opportunities to achieve your objectives.

Exclusive ContentExclusive Content

  • 7 Essential Reasons We Love FLNG7 Essential Reasons We Love FLNG
    Floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG), a revolutionary technological leap forward in the oil and gas arena, allowing the production, processing and storage of the gas at sea. In this e-book, we take a look at the seven of the most compelling reasons why we love FLNG and think it has a bright future.
  • An Update From EXMAR on the World’s First FLNGAn Update From EXMAR on the World’s First FLNG
    View Paul Young's (Chief Marketing Officer at Exmar) keynote presentation on the Pacific Rubiales FLNG project

    Paul will be providing in-depth discussions on the Pacific-Rubiales project update on the Summit Day One.


  • Examining the Diversity of Future FLNG DevelopmentsExamining the Diversity of Future FLNG Developments
    Examining how scaled projects are opening up opportunities to develop stranded assets within South East Asia

    Worley Parsons are working with ExxonMobil on a potential LNG project in the western province of PNG. Worley Parsons are also involved in conceptual topside development and design integration for a proposed scaled Floating LNG facility for InterOil.

    In this technical presentation, Chris Mole, Global Hydrocarbons Select Director, WORLEY PARSONS, AUSTRALIA spoke on:
    • First hand insights on the complexities of developing Floating and scaled LNG facilities within PNG
    • Tools used for project risk management, assessment of options and quantification for potential design solutions
    • The comparative attributes of large, mid and small scaled concepts and their suitability for emerging markets?
    • Some of the challenges faced to date during this venture

  • FLNG and the Supply ChainFLNG and the Supply Chain
    Ciarán McIntyre, Head of Compliance Projects from Lloyds Register Asia discussed on floating liquefied natural gas vessels and the supply chain, including:
    • Challenges, risks and uncertainties of supply chain issues associated with large and novel FLNG projects
    • Criticality of communicating to all parts of the supply chain and that of monitoring every link
    • How large, multi-client, multi-location project execution can take place safely, responsibly and productively.
    • How projects can be assisted to ensure quality construction and operation of critical infrastructure.

  • FLNG Prospects 2014-2020FLNG Prospects 2014-2020
    Last year, Jason Waldie, Director of DOUGLAS-WESTWOOD examined how major shifts in SE Asian energy demand are impacting the viability of Floating LNG project options.

    Some of the points he discussed include:
    • With South East Asia consuming over 63% of the world’s LNG, what impacts are the top Asian importers of Japan, Korea and China now having on global LNG demand, price and Floating LNG project viability?
    • How will Japan’s turning to Russia to develop LNG and gain greater access to cheaper supplies change the viability of regional Floating LNG projects?
    • Will China’s interest in cheaper African LNG projects impact on Australasian Floating LNG developments?
    • Will the new Singapore LNG market change the import demand landscape?
    • Will LNG receiving capacity expansion projects synchronise to enable the delivery of LNG?

  • Looking for the Future: The Role of LNG for KOREALooking for the Future: The Role of LNG for KOREA
    As a top importer of LNG how is Korea responding to LNG’s rapid growth and the need to access greater and more economical energy?

    Jeong Wook Khang, Senior Researcher from KOGAS shared his thoughts on:
    • Forecasting the demand for LNG in the future of Korea’s energy mix
    • How is Korea approaching future LNG supply arrangements?
    • Will Korea’s reliance on Qatar and Oman continue for LNG or will it turn to Malaysia and Indonesia as projects operationalise?
    • What is Korea’s role in progressing innovations and hybridisations of Floating LNG technology to accelerate developments and hence access to future supply?

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