The FLNG Roundtables format in the afternoon of both days is unlike any other event!


Benefits of the Roundtables Format

Moving discussions forward with open, intimate, in-depth discussions covering commercial and technical topics that the FLNG market is currently facing.

  • Hear critical perspectives from our Roundtable hosts and pre-qualified delegates to ensure a well-rounded discussion
  • Get important information and answers to all your burning questions regarding the FLNG market
  • Build and develop invaluable relationships with oil companies, offtakers, and EPCs for current and upcoming FLNG projects

The roundtable format is a peer-learning platform enabling all participants to be both subject matter experts and active learners at the same time. With only 10 participants per table, each roundtable is tailor-made to ensure high-level, open and in-depth discussions pertaining to the most important commercial and technical issues in the market.

At the FLNG Summit, 10 roundtables will be broken down into commercial and technical streams. Each stream will have 5 topical roundtables, and delegates will be attending the table of their choice over five sessions in the afternoons of both days.

Individual roundtables will be led by our distinguished hosts, who will initiate and moderate the discussions. As a delegate, you will be joining different groups and moving to a different table at each discussion session, giving you a chance to participate in a total of five different discussions.

Roundtables Topics



Roundtable 1: Successful FLNG Project Execution

  • What are some of the biggest challenges and considerations in FLNG projects?
  • How do you design and complete a successful pre-FEED and FEED programme?
  • What the best practices in successful project execution?

Roundtable Host:

Rene Van Vliet
Chief Project Officer
Next Decade

Roundtable 6: Near-Shore/Small-Scale FLNG Economics

  • Near-shore and small-scale FLNG projects: Are they the new solution to monetising stranded gas fields?
  • How do you maximise your return on investment through small-scale and near shore FLNG projects?
  • Design and execution of near-shore and small-scale projects: What technologies and design should you consider?
  • Barge vs hull for near-shore/small-scale FLNG projects

Roundtable Host:

Paul Young
Chief Marketing Officer

Roundtable 2: Floating Liquefaction Technologies Spotlight: Developments, Advancements and Considerations

  • Key advancements in floating liquefaction technologies: What, how and why
  • Overcoming key challenges in selecting the right floating liquefaction technology for your project: Weight, cost, space, safety and efficiency considerations
  • Analysing liquefaction processes – Liquid refrigerants and expander
  • Roundtable Mini Exercise: What kind of liquefaction technology and process would you use for a small-scale FLNG and large FLNG? Why?

Roundtable Host:

Tetsu Shimizu
Senior Project Manager FLNG

Roundtable 7: FLNG Lifecycle Development: Are there Lessons to be Learnt from the FPSO Market?

  • What are some of the commercial and technical similarities and differences between FPSOs and FLNGs?
  • Standards and Codes for FLNG Design and Operations—How much can be drawn from the FPSO market?
  • Evaluating the expertise and experience that FPSO providers can bring to the FLNG space: Project management and operations
  • Will the FLNG market adopt the same trajectory as the FPSO market and what are the key lessons to be learnt in financing and executing these projects?

Roundtable Host:

Luc Pescio
Vice President Gas Development and Technology
Bumi Armada

Roundtable 3: FLNG Topside and Hull Integration Strategies

  • What are some of the biggest challenges and considerations in topside and hull integration?
  • How does this affect the construction timeline?
  • Addressing weight and load considerations of topsides and its impact on hull construction and conversion
  • The latest advancements in topside design and technology

Roundtable Host:

Andrew Loose
Program Director

Roundtable 8: From Concept to FID: The Strategic, Commercial and Legal A-Z for FLNG Projects

  • What are the most feasible financing models in the market?
  • How do you mitigate project and financing risks?
  • Overcoming legal and contracting challenges for FLNG projects
  • Developing a cohesive project management framework to ensure successful and effective pre-FEED and FEED programmes

Roundtable Host:

Paul Sullivan
Director of Global LNG and FLNG

Roundtable 4: Effective Offloading and Storage Solutions for FLNGs

  • What are the biggest challenges in offloading and transferring LNG in an offshore environment?
  • What are some of the new and innovative solutions for offloading LNG?
  • Tandem vs side-by-side transfer systems: Which is better
  • How does design affect offloading systems and feasibility?

Roundtable Host:

Thiti Preeyanurak
Manager, Marine Engineering
PTTEP (Invited)

Roundtable 9: Revisiting FLNG Financing, Risk Management and Commercial Models

  • Current trends and banks’ appetite for financing FLNG projects
  • Developing a balanced approach for FLNG commercial models: Completion and performance guarantees and contingency risks
  • Can suppliers and shipyards re-examine alternate contracting models?
  • Toll vs integrated project financing: Which is better?

Roundtable Host:

Marc de saint Gerand
Director, Oil and Gas Project Finance
Standard Chartered Bank

Roundtable 5: Near-Shore and Small FLNG Design and Technology

  • Revisiting the hull vs. barge debate
  • How does this affect FLNG design and construction? What are the challenges in integrating barge and topside modules?
  • Examining FLNG designs for barge FLNGs: What are the impacts for storage?
  • Technology selection for barge FLNGs

Roundtable Host:

Javid Talib
Vice President, FLNG Programme Manager
Black and Veatch

Roundtable 10: Developing a Business Case for FLNG Projects: Understanding the Costs and Risks Involved and How That Impacts the Commercial Viability of your Project

  • Analysing the various risks involved and guarantees requirements for any FLNG project
  • Contingencies assessment and allocation between owners and solution/services providers
  • Operational risks, plant availability and LNG cargos offtake expectations
  • Contextualise the various economies of scale to your project's needs and requirements

Roundtable Host:

Maurice Merzian
Senior Project Advisor
Project Management

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